5 Reasons to Rent a Luxury Supercar Instead of Own

5 Reasons to Rent a Luxury Supercar Instead of Own

At Luxury & Services, we do not just provide our clients with exceptional vehicles, we also offer an unparalleled service that adds ease, convenience, and luxury to your trip. Whether for business or pleasure, there are a number of reasons to rent from us as opposed to purchasing a luxury supercar. Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits.


Renting a car with us gives our clients the opportunity to enjoy a variety of vehicles, rather than sticking with the ones that they own. One weekend, they could rent an SUV in Courchevel, while the next they can be zipping through Paris in one of our luxury sports cars, such as the Ferrari 488 Spider.  This not only gives them the enjoyment of trying out new vehicles but it also allows them to tailor their rental experience to the individual trip. To ensure that our clients always have just what they’re looking for, we are generally able to offer the interior and exterior colours, year of the model, and kilometers on the clock that they desire.

Superior Vehicles

Not only are our vehicles brand or nearly new, but we also have the latest models as soon as they hit the market.  For vehicle aficionados, this means always having access to the best on the market.  Compare this to owning, where our clients’ vehicles are quickly replaced by newer, faster, sleeker models.  Renting with us means you know you’re always driving the best.

No Maintenance

When you rent with Luxury & Services, you have all of the benefits of having a car without any of the hassle that comes with owning, such as maintenance, service appointments, and car troubles. Our clients are free to enjoy their rentals and can leave all of the responsibilities of ownership to us. We also ensure that our vehicles are fully equipped with numerous features, including sports packages, iPhone connections, and high-tech sound systems - each of which the client would have to take care if they were to own the vehicle.


The convenience that we offer our clients is one of our business’ top selling points. Rather than having their vehicle brought to their destination, our clients enjoy the convenience of having a vehicle provided for them anywhere in continental Europe and the Mediterranean islands. Whether they’re stepping off a private plane, arriving at a port on a cruise ship, leaving their hotel, or at any other location they desire, our vehicles will be ready and waiting for them. No headache, no hassle - just total convenience and peace of mind.

Chauffeur Services

Staying on the theme of convenience, we offer our clients the option of chauffeur and limousine services. All of our drivers are bilingual, professional, discreet, and are always available, and it’s this kind of on-demand service that sets renting with us apart from owning a vehicle. Clients can take their experience to the next level by taking advantage of our drivers’ wealth of local and cultural knowledge. Having a local guide at their fingertips is just another of the many benefits we offer.

To find out more about the rental service we offer, please contact a member of the team.

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