Monaco Grand Prix 2014: Another Roaring Success

Monaco Grand Prix 2014: Another Roaring Success

The Monaco Grand Prix 2014 took place on 25th May 2014, discover the most important events of the weekend below.

The attention of the world was once again focused on Monaco on the weekend of 25th
May 2014 for the 72nd edition of the Monaco Grand
Prix. Widely believed to be the most
glamorous racing event of the season, this year’s event lived up to its reputation with a
number of
prestige car manufacturers including McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari fighting to
win the race.

Saturday 24th May saw the region enjoying fine weather for qualifying, with last year’s
winner Nico Rosberg finishing with the
fastest time and hence qualifying in pole position
for the main race. He finished ahead of his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton in slightly

controversial style; pulling up in his last lap causing the safety car to come out, limiting
the speed the drivers could reach and meaning that
Hamilton could not beat his time.
Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull finished third to complete the top three for qualifying.

Onto the Sunday and the race day itself, the race was opened by Prince Albert with the
main event finally able to begin at 2pm local time.
The crowd roared the beginning of the
race, whether from the stands or from the luxury of their own private yacht charters,
and from the
start Rosberg looked unlikely to give up his pole position easily.

Unlike qualifying, the race itself did not have too much in the way of controversy,
despite an early crash and a few near misses near the
Fairmont hairpin bend which meant
the cars were regularly unable to reach their top speeds. As Lewis Hamilton admitted
after the race it
is a difficult circuit to overtake on and it proved too difficult for him,
meaning that despite 78 laps, the three that finished on the podium
remained in the same
positions that they had been in at the beginning of the race.

Nico Rosberg celebrated his win well, a win which leaves him top of the overall Formula 1
standings, while Lewis Hamilton was left to rue t
he problems he faced in qualifying.
Monaco once again proved itself one of the best circuits and with all its tradition
remains arguably the
most popular race of the season. If you would like to follow in
the track marks of these Formula 1 cars by cruising down the roads of Monte
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