Porsche Cayenne Turbo S coupé


Just saying the name of this revered manufacturer conjures up visions of cruising down long mountain roads, of taking on the winding streets of alpine towns and even of racing around a demanding circuit. That’s simply because the Porsche engineers have always kept the driving experience at the center of the Porsche over the years, producing an exceptionally versatile vehicle. Never putting anything in that doesn’t need to be there. Never letting anything come before how the car makes you feel when you get behind the wheel. As well as only using the highest caliber of materials, Porsche seem to effortlessly combine their classic style with modern technological substance and the brand is well known for advanced and sophisticated systems in the cockpit that make driving easier than ever. Their famous shape is as iconic as anything else you’ll find on the road and despite the fact that it’s hardly changed over the years, it still has the same heart stopping, head turning effect as it probably did when they first rolled it out. We are proud to offer a spectacular range of Porsche vehicles here at Luxury & Services; whatever the occasion, a Porsche is the vehicle to travel in.

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Coupé

From 765€
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