2015 - A Very Russian Year in Monaco

2015 - A Very Russian Year in Monaco

For the first time ever the Principality of Monaco has decided to dedicate a whole year to a country, choosing to celebrate all things Russian.

Whilst Russia and Monaco have held a special bond and a strong relationship which stretches for many years, it is the first time that the country will have a whole year dedicated to it.

The Russian Year in Monaco should help cement what is already a burgeoning friendship. In 2014, more Russian’s than ever visited the Principality and could be seen enjoying everything on offer, from the sports cars, to the luxury real estate on sale in the region. However, it was Prince Albert’s visit to Russia in 2013, which was the spark that ignited the idea of celebrating a year of Russia in Monaco.

The announcement for this special year was made one year after his visit, in October 2014 and details of all the events that will occur have slowly been trickling out ever since. The official opening took place in December 2014 with an exhibition of paintings by Russian Leon Zeytline, but it was not until February that events began to be a regular occurrence.

At the announcement Prince Albert declared that the Russian Year in Monaco would “consist of events held on Monegasque territory, as well as initiatives aimed at showcasing the diversity of the relations that exist between Russia and Monaco, particularly at the cultural level, but also in the fields of history, education, science, economics, sport, charities, gastronomy and fashion.”

We now have a more up to date schedule of exactly what types of events the Russian Year will consist of, with the definite highlight coming in midsummer. Events are running every month of the year, but June will see the celebration of the Russian National Day, which takes place annually on the 12th of the month and celebrates Russian national pride. In Monaco the National Day will be celebrated with a presentation on Russian Art and the start of a gastronomical tour of Russia. Other events in June include a Gala held at the Monaco Oceanography Museum on the 19th.

It is hoped that the year will further strengthen the bonds between Russia and Monaco and of course, encourage visitors to the Principality to view all that it has to offer. As such, many events will also be held around pre-existing important days in the Monaco calendar, such as the Grand Prix where the critically acclaimed Red Army Choir will play at the Formula One Gala Dinner. The Year will come to a climax on the 20th December 2015 with the performance of Russian play, “Ivan the Terrible” at the Fort Antoine open air theatre.   

Visitors can expect a wide range of interesting cultural, historical and above all, educational events throughout the year. For more information and a detailed schedule, please follow this link.

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