The Ultimate UK Roadtrip

The Ultimate UK Roadtrip

There is nothing more exciting than hitting the open road and taking off on a road trip. Even better, an ultimate road trip through the UK starting in Cornwall and heading all the way north to Scotland.

Luxury car hire in Europe is a great way to travel in supercars through stunning landscapes and between famous attractions. The UK is one of Europes finest regions in terms of scenery, diversity and history. Just imagine driving across the land in a luxurious Aston Martin Vanquish Volante or a Ferrari California. Your drive would be smooth, elegant and fun from start to finish.

Can you think of a more exciting way to see the UK and get to spend some real time enjoying the beautiful scenery, checking out the local hot spots and truly having a little fun in your travels? If a UK road trip sounds good to you, but you live overseas, it is possible to get a quote to have a car shipped.


Cornwall is where this road trip will begin and you’ll find an abundance of things to do here. Shaping the westernmost area of the southern peninsula of Great Britain, this beautiful location not only has a majestic shoreline to enjoy the sand and surf, but it also has brilliant places to shop, dine and head to for a day of fun indoors as well as out. Before you hit the open road on your way north to Scotland, you may want to stop over at a couple of the local favourites.

St. Ives

One of the most popular tourist spots in the UK is St. Ives. This subtropical paradise is filled with spectacular coastal beauty and is a town where some of the best artists and poets have work showcased for visitors to see. Fancy painting a bit yourself? You may find the sensational allure of this coastal town the perfect spot to pull out your paints and capture the scenery on canvas during your time in the area. If you don’t feel inclined to produce a masterpiece yourself, you can always check out the work of local artists at the galleries in town.

Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo is one of the best zoos in all of Britain and well worth a visit if you’re already in the area. You can see lions, meerkats, lemurs and more than 130 species of animals at this zoo. Best of all, it is open year-round and you can spend hours on end exploring and even taking the time to feed some of the smaller animals like the lemurs.

Be sure to sit down with a glass of wine and a good dinner, taking plenty of time to relax and unwind before hitting the road again.


Moving north to the city of Plymouth on the coast of Devon, England, you can take another quick stop during your road trip to enjoy a new area along the way. This town is packed with things to do including great shopping, extraordinary sights to see and many historical areas downtown amidst the lovely cobblestone walkways at the harbour. The harbour is beautiful and if you take the time to venture down to it, you may be able to catch a boat to sightsee by water while in the area. You’ll find such sparkling beauty in Plymouth and will have great opportunities to capture the scenery on film to look over later. You may want to stop over at a couple of the local favourites before heading out to the road again.

The National Marine Aquarium

Only one of the most amazing aquariums in the world, the National Marine Aquarium has more than 70 sharks as well as a variety of other sea life to enjoy during your visit. You will see sea life from oceans not only near England but from all over the world. It is a fascinating place to visit and is open all throughout the year. You can have a bite to eat while at the aquarium or you can choose to venture into town to check out the local food scene.

The Mission

Situated inside of a 19th-century chapel, The Mission is a rarity when it comes to restaurants. You can choose to dine inside or outside and enjoy scrumptious food as well as unwind with a glass of wine or a beer. From sandwiches to full dinners, this restaurant offers everything a person could want at mealtime and is one of the most popular places to eat in town.

Once you’re back in the car heading north, you will travel through the small town of Cardiff in Wales and then you will drive through to the north-west end of England into Liverpool where you may feel like stopping the car and stretching your legs again for a little while.


Founded by the Romans in the 1st Century AD, Bath is a charming city with a wealth of history. Bath boasts some of the finest examples of Georgian architecture that can be found anywhere in the UK; stop by the Circus and Royal Crescent to experience the grandest architecture. Visitors have flocked to the city for 2,000 years to take advantage of the hot springs, upon which the city is built. The picturesque city offers the perfect stopover point on your journey. Everybody should see Bath at least once in their lifetime.

The Roman Baths

Admire the mist as it emanates from the warm waters at the city's famous bath houses at Abbey Churchyard - a mandatory attraction for visiting travellers. Take the audio-tour (lasts approximately 2 hours) to make the most of your time here. At the end of the tour, sample a glass of the natural spa water; it is supposed to have health-giving benefits!


Liverpool, known worldwide as the birthplace of The Beatles, has much to offer for road weary travelers who want to stop over to relax or have a little fun during a long drive. Of course, since this is the place known for The Beatles, you will possibly want to start your sightseeing off by checking out the places that host a wealth of information on them.

The Beatles and The Cavern Club

John, Paul, George and Ringo. The names are unforgettable and will most likely always live through time. Formed in 1960 right in Liverpool, this band had school girls passing out and school boys wishing they could be them. Their lives and music are still quite popular in town and there may not be many places you can go where you won’t see something about them. One of the most popular hangouts in Liverpool, and one that The Beatles played at often is The Cavern Club. Located on Matthew Street in downtown Liverpool, be sure to stop in for a beer or a glass of whisky during your rest stop. Be sure to make it a long stopover if you plan to partake in the festivities at the pub.

Mersey Ferry Ride

A relaxing thing to do while in Liverpool is schedule a ferry ride across the Mersey. You can schedule a cruise and see the beautiful waterways and take time to stop along the way to hop on shore to visit local pubs, art galleries, museums and much more. It’s relaxing to sit back on the ferry and just soak in the scenery around you before jumping back into the car to take off again.


Once you reach Glasgow, you have made it to the very edge of Scotland, but now is not the time to stop your road trip! Glasgow has such beauty that is well worth a stop for a brief time, so be sure to check out some of what this port city offers in Scotland’s western Lowlands. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and while it isn’t the capital city, it has much to offer for those weary travelers in search of fun.


Beer hardly seems like something to make a person want to stop for a stayover in a town, but in Glasgow, you will find numerous resources for unique craft beers located right within a restaurant that is physically attached to a brewery. You can take a tour of Tennents Wellpark Brewery and enjoy a pint of the best brew that Glasgow offers. The brewery is open daily, but be sure to call ahead to get their hours so you don’t try to pop in when they are closed.


While many don’t consider a hotel as an attraction to stop and see, once you have been on the road for hours on end, you will want to find a good hotel to rest for the night. This is especially true if you’ve decided to swing by the brewery in Glasgow and indulged in a pint or two. There are numerous hotels to consider and pricing can range from as little as 30 GBP to several hundred. Be sure to take advantage of a cosy room and a fluffy bed if you’ve decided to stop for a brew or even if you’re just feeling tired from the trip.


When you rise and shine from your hotel in Glasgow, be sure to take time to drive a little farther to eastern Scotland and visit Dundee. The fourth largest city in Scotland offers such opportunity to sightsee and shop as well as check out museums, historical sites and much more. The roads surrounding the city are scenic in their beauty, and should be explored thoroughly.

Glamis Castle

What trip could be complete without a trip to a majestic castle? In Dundee, you can take a tour of Glamis Castle and imagine what a fairy tale life would be like to live. The castle was built in the 17th century and is filled with beautiful artwork including paintings, porcelain dishes, weapons of war and other exquisite artwork. It is open from April through November each year and is a very popular place for tourists to visit when they come to Dundee.

Once you reach Scotland and the end of this ultimate UK road trip, you will find that in the 14 hours of actual drive time it has taken, that you have had the opportunity to see some of the most brilliant sites that the UK has within its boundaries. Whether you choose to do a little more exploring by driving back south to Cornwall or contacting someone to pick the car up so you can fly home, you will find that your time has been well spent and that driving a Supercar across the UK is a chance of a lifetime and one you won’t forget anytime soon.

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