Volkswagen Caravelle


Maker of one of the world’s most popular cars, Volkswagen has earned a reputation for producing vehicles that people just seem to enjoy driving. Over the years they have single handedly raised the bar over and over again for everything from reliability to engineering of ordinary cars and because of them, we expect more from the vehicles we drive. That’s no mean feat for any manufacturer. But this is exactly what was planned for the brand when it was first started in 1937 in a relatively unknown German town called Wolfsburg. They are the everyman’s car - the people’s car. Well known for producing classics such as the kooky Volkswagen Beatle, the manufacturer actually has a rich history within motorsport and has competed for over 50 years at various levels including Formula Vee, Formula Super Vee, Rallycross, F3 and the notorious Dakar Rally. At Luxury & Services, we offer only the most luxurious Volkswagen models.

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