Ferrari California T now Available with Luxury & Services

Ferrari California T now Available with Luxury & Services

The car will go directly into the Luxury & Services Rent Ferrari rental portfolio.

It does not come much more prestigious than Ferrari when talking about luxury cars, so it is with great pride that Luxury & Services Rent has added another of the Italian manufacturer’s exceptional automobiles to its portfolio. The California T has arrived and become another of our Ferrari rental in France options.

The California T is an upgrade on former California models and typically does everything with a touch of class. If you would like to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, yet you currently have your car as a coupé, not to worry as this particular Ferrari converts from hatch back to drop top in just 14 seconds. The official website shows in detail the speed in which this happens, follow this link to try it out for yourself. What will really get the pulse racing is that the T in California T stands for Turbo, referring to the twin turbo V-8 engines that power this Ferrari.

It is definitely true that this car is much more practical than the majority of Ferrari models. This can be seen in its ability to handle wet weather and the fact that as a four seater, it is much more practical if you are transporting a slightly larger crowd. However, what is extremely important is that whilst practical, the California T retains that sense of fun and awe that any Ferrari brings.

The car’s performance is undoubtedly very good and keeps the traditional responsiveness and acceleration that Ferrari is famous for, whilst offering a more efficient engine, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Acceleration is good in this model, which can go from 0-100 kilometres per hour in just 3.6 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 196 miles per hour, ensuring that it is worthy of the infamous prancing horse logo.

Technology lovers will be delighted to hear that the California T is likely to eventually adopt the Apple Carplay system installed in it, a technology which was unveiled in the FF model at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014. This system will allow the driver to access maps, music and messages with just one touch or one word and is surely the future of in-car entertainment systems.  

Luxury & Services Rent is very happy with this new arrival, which alongside the recently unveiled Lamborghini Huracán boosts our luxury car hire in Europe portfolio both in terms of numbers and quality.

If you would like to experience an exceptional car rental this year with one of our Ferrari's, Lamborghini’s or any other sports car, our friendly team will be happy to guide you through the rental process and help you avoid any queues by offering a delivery service directly to the door of your accommodation.

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