Supercars of the French Riviera in Video

Supercars of the French Riviera in Video

We recently took some of our luxury car rentals out in the French Riviera. View the results here.

The South of France. Just the term alone conjures up images of beautiful beaches, warm weather and luxury, be it in the form of a supercar or a luxury yacht charter. 

We here at Luxury & Services Rent decided to take a few of our supercar hire cars out onto the roads of Antibes and Villenueve Loubet for some filming along coastal roads. There really is no greater feeling than being behind the wheel of a sports car with an open stretch of road in front of you. We decided to take the cars out early in the morning both to avoid traffic and also to enjoy the sunrise over the French Riviera. 

Three cars that feature heavily in the video are among the most popular Luxury & Services rentals, with the new Lamborghini Huracán leading the way, with the Jaguar F-Type convertible and our Bentley GTC V8 following quickly behind. All three cars handle the turns of the coastal road beautifully and we noticed more than a few admiring glances during the ride. These are the kind of cars that make people fall in love with driving.

Following our day in Antibes we moved slightly inland to test out our Ferrari F12, Berlinetta, Porsche 911 Carrera S and a Range Rover near to our office in Villeneuve Loubet. The Range Rover is an ideal rental for someone travelling for a few months and is also popular in the winter months. The Porsche accelerates easily and as efficiently as you would expect from a German manufactured car, and it is easy to understand why Volkswagen continually posts increased sales of its Porsche models.  

If you are coming to the area and would like to rent a luxury car, we can certainly recommend setting off early one morning to catch the sunrise and enjoy the experience of driving. Luxury & Services Rent's experienced customer service team are on hand to help you through the booking process. Many of our exceptional cars are also available in other European cities such as Paris, Milan, Florence and Barcelona.

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